Appalachian Thursday – Cover Reveal

Earlier this week I sent out an e-mail with the cover of my next novel. It’s a sweet sort of torture to see the cover and then not be able to share it until the book is available for pre-order. But as of Tuesday this week, readers can add When Silence Sings to their shoppingContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Cover Reveal”

Appalachian Thursday – Weeeeeelllll

A friend and I were talking recently about our families–mostly the senior ladies in our Appalachian families–and how they can take a single word and communicate a wide range of meanings. The perfect example is the word, “well.” Depending on the accompanying tone and expression, “well” can express a variety of messages. Here are aContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Weeeeeelllll”

Appalachian Thursday – A Tough Funeral to Preach

In researching my current novel I stumbled across a story about a 1932 murder in West Virginia (ah, rabbit trails, writers love ’em!). A 31-year-old woman named Mamie Thurman was found dead on Trace Mountain in Logan County that June. A deaf-mute boy found her while picking blackberries (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!).Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – A Tough Funeral to Preach”

When Silence Sings Cover Reveal 2.12.19

My next novel,¬†When Silence Sings, releases November 5. I know, I know, that’s SO FAR away. It’s like my birthday, Christmas morning, and vacation all rolled into one big, long WAIT. Of course, I also know my grandmother was right when she told me that time picks up speed as you get older. And myContinue reading “When Silence Sings Cover Reveal 2.12.19”

Appalachian Thursday – You’uns or Y’all?

A reviewer recently commented that she really enjoyed one of my books but took issue with my use of you’uns instead of y’all. Now, in both of our defenses, I’d like to point out that she thought the story was set in Wise, Virginia. Now, that’s a real place where locals probably do say “y’all.”Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – You’uns or Y’all?”

Redeeming My Characters

Like children, I’m not supposed to have a favorite character. But Frank Post (along with the Talbot sisters) stole my heart. Frank is a blend of so many men I knew growing up. Men who were tough, flawed, opinionated, and most of all tender-hearted beneath those gruff exteriors. There were a few times I evenContinue reading “Redeeming My Characters”

Appalachian Thursday – John Henry’s Big Bend Tunnel

I love researching my stories. Especially when I turn up something fun that I just flat out didn’t know. Like that John Henry, the mythical “steel driving man” of folk ballads, took on a steam drill in southern West Virginia. My next novel, When Silence Sings, is set primarily in Thurmond, WV, which was aContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – John Henry’s Big Bend Tunnel”

New Year’s Evolutions – Hope for 2019

What is it about the turning of the year that makes us want to reassess our lives? To pledge to do better or to, at least, not make the same mistakes we did last year? I’ve never been a fan of new year’s resolutions, but I do like the idea of making plans. This yearContinue reading “New Year’s Evolutions – Hope for 2019”

Appalachian Thursday – Character Names

Yes, I know it’s Friday. At least now I do. I’ll blame it on the holidays throwing me off. All day yesterday I thought it was still Wednesday and so I neglected to get this post ready and up. But here it is, a day late and hopefully NOT a dollar short. Readers have commentedContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Character Names”