Appalachian Thursday – Favorite WV Authors

On Monday I shamelessly asked you all to vote for me to be named Best WV Author for 2020. And while I really crave that title, I’m pretty aware that I’m NOT the best WV author. So who is? Well, there are quite a few to choose from. Check out the following and you chooseContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Favorite WV Authors”

Vote for me in 2020!

It’s election season and I know we’re all tired of being told who we ought to vote for. But maybe in this instance, voting can be nothing but fun! I’ve been nominated in WV Living magazine’s Best Of series for 2020. Yup, I have the chance to be voted Best WV Author! And, let’s beContinue reading “Vote for me in 2020!”

The First Review – Phew!

Just ahead of the release of a new story, authors can expect reviews to start trickling in. There are ARCs (advanced reader copies) along with services like NetGalley providing early readers and reviewers with access. It’s nerve-wracking. No matter how confident I am when I submit those final edits, I always begin to wonder .Continue reading “The First Review – Phew!”

Appalachian Thursday – Two Months To Go

Two months from today, on November 3, my sixth full-length novel will release. If you’re looking for something OTHER than the election to look forward to, you’re welcome. If you want to support this latest release, here are a couple of things you can do while you wait: Mark the story as “Want to Read”Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Two Months To Go”

What Momma Left Behind – Winner

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you likely saw the recent giveaway I held for a copy of What Momma Left Behind. I did the random number thing yesterday and was delighted to reach out to Barbara Klein to let her know she’d won! I love promoting Appalachian stories–especially when they’re written by dear friends.Continue reading “What Momma Left Behind – Winner”

Appalachian Thursday – COVID Characters

Lots of folks are coming up with creative ways to keep busy (and maybe distracted) during all of this self-quarantining time. Which got me to thinking about how some of my characters might handle being stuck at home. Turns out, several of them would fit right in these days. So here I am reading aContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – COVID Characters”

Cover Reveal – The Right Kind of Fool

I’ve shared the GORGEOUS cover of my 2020 novel in just a few places, but now that it’s available for pre-order, it’s time to just put it out there! Ready? Go! I suggested a sunrise or sunset over my beloved Appalachian Mountains and the designers came through with flying colors–literally! The story is set inContinue reading “Cover Reveal – The Right Kind of Fool”

Appalachian Thursday – A New Story!

Well, no one guessed the title of my new story, but Connie Porter Saunders and Eleanor Mercer came closest with The Right Kind of Love. So what’s the new title? The story features Creed and Delphy Raines–a husband and wife living in Randolph County, WV, who have become largely estranged since their son–Loyal–lost his hearingContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – A New Story!”

Looking Ahead – My 2020 Release

It seems like When Silence Sings JUST released and here it is time to look ahead to my new story for 2020. And I’m loving the title and the spectacular cover. I’ll start sharing the cover image more widely once the story is available for preorder, but in the meantime, I thought it would beContinue reading “Looking Ahead – My 2020 Release”