It’s election season and I know we’re all tired of being told who we ought to vote for. But maybe in this instance, voting can be nothing but fun!

I’ve been nominated in WV Living magazine’s Best Of series for 2020. Yup, I have the chance to be voted Best WV Author! And, let’s be honest, I unashamedly WANT this title. President? Yeah, that’s important. Governor, senator, mayor–yeah, yeah, choose wisely.

But while you’re pondering who to vote for (and how to do it!) here’s an EASY one for you. Vote for me to be named Best WV Author. My platform is simple–I promise to keep writing books that celebrate West Virginia. And I promise to be over-the-top excited if I win. PLUS–you can vote more than once and do it online. Now who doesn’t want THAT chance in 2020?

There. That’s my campaign speech. I’m pretty sure I won’t actually have any power to affect your daily life but you’ll make my year!

Here’s the scoop: WV Living magazine is highlighting the best people, places, and things that West Virginia has to offer. You can vote from September 21-October 11. Vote by clicking the categories and selecting your favorites from the final ballot. You can vote once per day per category. The winners will be announced in the winter issue of WV Living magazine.

Thank you for your vote.