The Christmas Heirloom – A Thanksgiving Excerpt

While our novella collection—The Christmas Heirloom–is mostly set during the Christmas season, I couldn’t resist working Thanksgiving into my story. I mean, my heroine is handy with a rifle and the Monday before Thanksgiving is the opening day of deer season. Romantic? Maybe not, but it sure fits my Appalachian stories! So, in honor ofContinue reading “The Christmas Heirloom – A Thanksgiving Excerpt”

Appalachian Thursday – Country Roads

Reader and friend Frances Sniatecki tagged me on Facebook yesterday with the most amazing video featuring a medley of country songs with Take Me Home Country Roads (Almost Heaven, West Virginia) leading it off. Turns out this amazing song was recorded two years ago for the 50th anniversary of the Country Music Awards. Somehow IContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Country Roads”

Letting Go – When Silence Sings

I submitted my latest manuscript to my editor over the weekend. After the hours of writing, re-writing, and editing you’d think I’d be glad to turn it loose and move on. But releasing a story is surprisingly hard. I think this is a good story. Maybe the best I’ve written. And as long as thoseContinue reading “Letting Go – When Silence Sings”

The (Christmas) reviews are coming in!

The Christmas Heirloom has been out for nearly two weeks now! Yes, I’m still talking about my latest release–a novella that’s part of a collection with Kristi Ann Hunter, Karen Witemeyer, and Becky Wade. Why? Because I’m excited about it! And, the ever nerve-wracking reviews are (thus far) mostly good (and mostly good is great!).Continue reading “The (Christmas) reviews are coming in!”

The Christmas Heirloom – Release Day Eve

Tomorrow is the official release day for The Christmas Heirloom: Four Holiday Novellas of Love Through the Generations. (Click on the image to the right if you want to order it!) Release days have that first-day-of-school feeling. Did I pick the right outfit? Will I like my teachers? Is this the year I get toContinue reading “The Christmas Heirloom – Release Day Eve”

What do YOU write??

I’ve just returned from the ACFW Conference (American Christian Fiction Writers). It’s always fun to hang out with other writers not to mention my agent and editor. But there’s a certain question folks ask each other over and over again . . . “So what do you write?” For years, I’ve struggled with the answerContinue reading “What do YOU write??”

Appalachian Thursday – Old Timey Recipes

My friend Valerie recently gave me a treasure. It’s a copy of the 8th edition of Old Timey Recipes from 1975 as collected by Phyllis Connor. Inside the front cover someone wrote, “West Virginia, August 1976.” Since I would have been five years old then, I think I can safely say this is the foodContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Old Timey Recipes”

Appalachian Blessings on Sale

Leading up to the release of The Christmas Heirloom on October 2, my publisher has put some of my books on sale. You can currently get the digital editions of Miracle in a Dry Season for $0.99, Until the Harvest for $1.99, and A Tapestry of Secrets for $2.99 (or less!). The stories follow threeContinue reading “Appalachian Blessings on Sale”

Appalachian Thursday – Roots of the Mountain

Even as I’m looking forward to the release of The Christmas Heirloom on October 2, I’m excited to be working on my next full-length novel tentatively titled Roots of the Mountain. I signed a contract with Bethany House for two more Appalachian stories with the first releasing in the fall of 2019. And for theContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Roots of the Mountain”

French Creek Pioneers

I had the pleasure of attending the French Creek Pioneers gathering this past weekend with my dad and brother. This is a meeting of folks descended from the original settlers of French Creek, Va., back in the early 1800s (before West Virginia became a state). There were Goulds, Youngs, Smallridges, Sextons, and Phillips among others.Continue reading “French Creek Pioneers”