Today’s the day!

With the help of Sassafras on Sutton, the Black Mountain Library, and best-selling author Lisa Wingate we’re holding The Right Kind of Book Launch at 7 p.m. EST this evening.

I’m so excited! And a smidge nervous. My husband was surprised when I confessed that since I really don’t get nervous about speaking or presenting. I told him that’s not what I’m nervous about. It’s five presenters at five locations with dozens of attendees from all over coming together using this crazy thing we call TECHNOLOGY that has me a little anxious.

“Oh,” he said. “Well, yeah. What could go wrong??”

So–step one–if you want to join us REGISTER HERE now. There are limited slots but as of this morning, thirty or so remain so hop on! That way, if something does go wrong, you’ll have a front row seat!

Now, for step two, I’m inviting you to celebrate Lisa and her latest release–The Book of Lost Friends–by voting for it in the Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Historical Fiction. I really hope you’ve read it because it’s SO worthy of this honor. It’s a Civil War era story that will break your heart and then inspire you to keep hoping even in the face of the worst adversity. Such an incredible slice of history . . .

And although Lisa and I are celebrating MY latest story this evening, I might slip in a question or two about her incredible book as well!

Hope to “see” you this evening!