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What’s New with You??

I've always felt something like panic when someone asks, "What's new with you?" I suddenly feel like I have to come up with something interesting and rarely feel like I can deliver. And then there's January 2022--talk about starting a new year off NEW! Let's see. New...

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Button Crafts for Launch Week

If you received an early copy of my latest novel, The Finder of Forgotten Things, you also received a special button along with a handout for making some simple button-related crafts. And now that the book is officially released, I thought I'd share them with you,...

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Five Takeaways for FIFTY Years

Yesterday was my fiftieth birthday. Which feels more surreal than anything. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm starting my sixth decade! Weird. It does invite introspection, though. And I've been thinking about what I've learned over these last fifty...

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What’s Your Thanksgiving Craving?

We're spending Thanksgiving with my husband’s family this year. And I while LOVE spending Thanksgiving with them, somehow the food isn’t exactly what I grew up with. Oh, it’s delicious. Adding homemade macaroni and cheese to Thanksgiving is genius. But it’s not what I...

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