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Jump in on some great giveaways!

Some friends and I are doing giveaways this week to inject a little joy into winter (which always seems interminable at the end of February!). Check 'em all out and enter to win some outstanding stories. You'll find these on Instagram, all you need to do is like and...

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Is Your Job a Ministry?

I know I've been guilty of thinking that the only people in "ministry" are missionaries, church staff, and people who work for religious non-profits. But I'm pretty sure ANY job can be a ministry if you come at it right. I recently needed to spend a few days being...

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Want to See My Latest Cover??

My next novel has a title AND a cover! I ran a contest on Facebook over the weekend to guess the missing word in the title . . . The Finder of FORGOTTEN Things. The guesses were great! And interestingly, the number one guess was LOST (8 guesses)--which was almost the...

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