Appalachian Thursday – 17-Year Plague

As if 2020 hasn’t been hard enough already. The east coast–specifically NC, WV, and VA (how did TN opt out?)–are due for the emergence of the 17-year cicada. Folks often call them locusts, but they’re really Magicicada periodical cicadas. Wow–what a name! The 13-year and 17-year types fall into this category and they’re identified byContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – 17-Year Plague”

Oh right–this happens EVERY year

Over the weekend I draped my peonies in an old sheet to keep them from getting nipped by frost. The last frost date for our part of the mountains is May 15 but we’ve had such a lovely spring that lots of folks jumped the gun with their spring planting. Sure enough, Saturday night droppedContinue reading “Oh right–this happens EVERY year”

Taking Refuge in Poetry

April is National Poetry Month, which seems particularly fitting this April. I’ve been reading a fair amount of Wendell Berry’s poetry lately. Always a favorite, his work is a particularly welcome refuge these strange days. And, reading his poetry usually makes me want to dig back into my own. So here, for poetry month, isContinue reading “Taking Refuge in Poetry”

My Antidote to the World These Days

I’ve pretty much given up watching the news. Or reading it. I have a few, trusted sources I check in with–but not too often. Instead, I’ve been reading Wendell Berry’s poetry. It’s been my go-to antidote for all sorts of challenges over the years (following a healthy dose of Scripture and prayer!). Here’s the oneContinue reading “My Antidote to the World These Days”

Appalachian Thursday – False Spring

Spring approaches in the mountains in fits and starts. Days in February alternate between bone-chilling cold and balmy. Sunday was in the 60s and sunny, Thursday in the 30s with snow. But the signs are here trying to trick us! Our neighbors’ yard is dotted with crocuses. Purple, white, and yellow cups accept sunshine andContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – False Spring”

Appalachian Thursday – the care and feeding of elk

When we visit the farm in West Virginia we ALWAYS see deer. Lots of deer. But elk? Well, there are some at the Wildlife Center we drive past on our way in. And yes, I did try to trick my husband by pointing one out the first time we drove by as if seeing elkContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – the care and feeding of elk”