I know lots of people are passionate about their home state. But I think those of us from West Virginia are particularly so! We know all the corny jokes and can tell them before you can. We know telling someone to “watch out for deer” when they get in the car really means, “I love you.” We can rattle off the state bird, tree, fish, and lots of other random facts. And if we won a Golden Horseshoe in eighth grade we’re still really proud of it. Oh, and we can sing the state song (although our husbands ask us not to–or is that just me?).

So, having an opportunity to be named Best Author in WV Living Magazine’s annual poll has me excited! And today’s post is nothing more than a shameless plug for your votes. C’mon, it’s an election year–vote for me!

I’m probably NOT the best (I mean, Pearl Buck! Homer Hickam! Denise Giardina!) but I just might be the most excited about being nominated.