My next novel has a title AND a cover! I ran a contest on Facebook over the weekend to guess the missing word in the title . . . The Finder of FORGOTTEN Things.

The guesses were great! And interestingly, the number one guess was LOST (8 guesses)–which was almost the title, but there was a book with that title releasing just ahead of mine so we switched it up to Forgotten. Two folks guessed MISSING which was a close second for the final title. And Liz Johnson chimed in with the correct answer! The randomly selected winner of a signed book is Tammie M. with a guess of Lost.

When authors finally get to see that perfect title on a new cover, we become like grandmas with the latest photos of new grand babies. We’ll show ’em to strangers at the grocery store given half a chance.

Which is why it’s almost unkind of the publisher to send over the cover BEFORE I’m allowed to share it. I get to see that beauty before it’s been absolutely finalized and because it would be confusing to share a cover that then gets changed, I have to keep it to myself.

And really, I shouldn’t share it until readers can preorder the book anyway. If you love it, I want you to be able to buy it now for delivery later! All that said, though, I’m planning to give my newsletter subscribers a sneak peak at the cover in late February ahead of the March preorder going up. So if you wanna be among the first to see it, scroll to the bottom of any page on my website and subscribe today!