My WV book event–the REAL highlights!

Last week I had the chance to do a reading and book signing at my hometown library in Buckhannon, WV. It was wonderful, but it was SO much more than a book event. So today I thought I’d share some of the REAL highlights from the day. My almost nine-year-old niece got her first libraryContinue reading “My WV book event–the REAL highlights!”

Appalachian Thursday – Countdown to Release Day

I don’t do TOO much book peddling on this blog, but with the release of When Silence Sings in less than three weeks I thought I’d mention it. Yup, my next Appalachian story will hit shelves on November 5. Or earlier in some cases! If you’d like to pre-order the book you can click on theContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Countdown to Release Day”

Appalachian Thursday – Upshur Co. Public Library

I’m always delighted when I’m asked to do a book event. But it doesn’t get much better than being contacted by the library I loved as a kid to come speak. Which is what happened to me this past week! The Upshur County Public Library contacted me to say they’re focusing on hosting more WVContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Upshur Co. Public Library”

Teaching at the John C. Campbell Folk School

I’m so excited! I’ve had the opportunity to teach classes at several regional writing conferences and book festivals (this past weekend I taught at a Pennwriters event in Leesburg, Va.). I really enjoy sharing the tips and tricks I’ve learned and hearing from writers at all different stages of the process. I’m always excited aboutContinue reading “Teaching at the John C. Campbell Folk School”

WV Writers Conference

I’m SO excited to be presenting at this year’s WV Writers Summer Conference! I so enjoy talking writing and sharing what I’ve learned thus far, but to do it back home in West Virginia . . . well, you can’t beat that with a stick! PLUS, I’m hoping I can sit in on sessions beingContinue reading “WV Writers Conference”

Revisiting My First Love – Poetry

I had a wonderful time at the Southern Kentucky Book Fest this past weekend. I had a chance to teach a class, sit on a panel, and interact with readers (and writers!). Some of my favorite things to do! On Friday I sat in on a poetry workshop with former Wisconsin poet laureate and KentuckyContinue reading “Revisiting My First Love – Poetry”

Southern Kentucky Book Fest – Come See Me!

I’m super excited to be heading to Bowling Green, Kentucky, this week for the Southern Kentucky Book Fest. I’ll be teaching a class titled “Setting as Character” at 9 a.m. Friday morning, attending a meet the authors reception Friday evening, and sitting on a panel titled “People, Places, and Pie” Saturday morning. That last panelContinue reading “Southern Kentucky Book Fest – Come See Me!”

Every Author Needs a Few Friends

Before I was published I might have daydreamed a little about the events I would do once I was . . . well, you know . . . famous. Signings, readings, interviews. Now, two years into this published author business, let’s just say the reality hasn’t quite lived up to the daydream. I’ve done signingsContinue reading “Every Author Needs a Few Friends”

Book Events–Hoping to See You Soon!

The only thing better than holding one of my very own books in my hands is meeting someone who actually took the time to READ one of those books. I mean, that’s kind of the whole reason I write them. So people can read them and hopefully be touched by my stories. I do runContinue reading “Book Events–Hoping to See You Soon!”