Weighing in on the election process

Does that title make you nervous? I’m supposed to be writing about the holidays and my latest release (When Silence Sings) and instead I’m breaking the rules to mention POLITICS. But I had the BEST idea for how to handle all future elections and I just have to share it. Goodness knows, whether you leanContinue reading “Weighing in on the election process”

Appalachian Thursday – At Home in WV

Today I’m visiting family in WV. We’re headed to Beverly and Dailey this morning–sites for my 2020 novel. And this evening I’ll be giving a talk and doing a signing at the Upshur County Public Library (my childhood library!) for When Silence Sings. So not much of a post today–just a photo of Main StreetContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – At Home in WV”

Releasing Book #5 – Giveaway

I was astonished to see one book published. Now I’m about to see my fifth novel released to the world. Well, at least a slice of the world! One week from tomorrow is the official release date. I’ll be holding a launch party at Sassafras on Sutton–a charming bookstore in Black Mountain, NC–on Sunday, NovemberContinue reading “Releasing Book #5 – Giveaway”

Does the Dress Even Matter?

I’m a bit of a girly-girl. (When I’m not being a tomboy.) So when I realized it would work out for me to go to the Christy Awards dinner–which is semi-formal–I began looking for a fancy dress. Oh, I have a dress that would work but who wants to settle for that?? There aren’t aContinue reading “Does the Dress Even Matter?”

Appalachian Thursday – Countdown to Release Day

I don’t do TOO much book peddling on this blog, but with the release of When Silence Sings in less than three weeks I thought I’d mention it. Yup, my next Appalachian story will hit shelves on November 5. Or earlier in some cases! If you’d like to pre-order the book you can click on theContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Countdown to Release Day”

It’s Autumn Somewhere

This happened last year, too. Summer lingered so long that the fall color didn’t really show up until November. I’m hoping that’s what happens this year because right now we’re still seeing lots of green with just a few hints of color. And I LOVE autumn! So, after a hectic weekend with little to noContinue reading “It’s Autumn Somewhere”

When Silence Sings – First Review

You would think that after reading a book 16 times, having it edited by a raft of talented folks at a publishing house, and knowing readers are already pre-ordering it would give an author a smidge of confidence. But something happens between the time I sign off on the final read-through the time a bookContinue reading “When Silence Sings – First Review”

Appalachian Thursday – Chestnut Blight

When my brothers and I were little we had a “play-house” inside a HUGE rotted out stump. The tree had fallen long ago, but the shell of the stump remained and it was big enough for all three of us to get inside. It was cool and mossy and taller than I was. The stumpContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Chestnut Blight”