Appalachian Blessings

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Sarah Loudin Thomas


Thomas Wolfe said you can’t go home again, but maybe he just didn’t try hard enough. My home has always been a plot of mountain land in north-central West Virginia. Six generations of my family have lived on that land before me and I can stand on the same ground my great-great-great-great grandparents did. It’s not so much that I long to go home again as it is that I carry home in my heart.

And I hope my stories instill that feeling of timeless belonging in your heart as well. I tell tales rooted in the land and spirit of Appalachia. And even if you don’t live there, I hope, when you settle into a novel, you’ll feel that sense of coming home that I do.

So the next time you want to pull out an heirloom quilt, dig into a piece of homemade pie, and do a little reminiscing–you might flip open the cover of one of my novels. I’m always ready to escort you back home again.

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The Right Kind of Fool

November 2020

A Tapestry of Secrets

August 2016

When Silence Sings

November 2019

The Sound of Rain

November 2017

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