It’s Autumn Somewhere

This happened last year, too. Summer lingered so long that the fall color didn’t really show up until November. I’m hoping that’s what happens this year because right now we’re still seeing lots of green with just a few hints of color. And I LOVE autumn! So, after a hectic weekend with little to noContinue reading “It’s Autumn Somewhere”

When Silence Sings – First Review

You would think that after reading a book 16 times, having it edited by a raft of talented folks at a publishing house, and knowing readers are already pre-ordering it would give an author a smidge of confidence. But something happens between the time I sign off on the final read-through the time a bookContinue reading “When Silence Sings – First Review”

Appalachian Thursday – Chestnut Blight

When my brothers and I were little we had a “play-house” inside a HUGE rotted out stump. The tree had fallen long ago, but the shell of the stump remained and it was big enough for all three of us to get inside. It was cool and mossy and taller than I was. The stumpContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Chestnut Blight”

ARC Giveaway of When Silence Sings

I’m super excited to be appearing at the 2019 SIBA Discovery Show in Spartanburg, SC, this September. (That’s the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance.) The event is primarily for independent booksellers from throughout the south who come to learn best practices and to hear what’s new in Southern fiction. And since I have a story releasingContinue reading “ARC Giveaway of When Silence Sings”

The Night the Dunglen Burned Down

It was 89 years ago today. The notorious Dunglen Hotel in Thurmond, WV, burned in what was then reported to be faulty wiring, but is generally believed to be an act of arson. Although–to this day–the arsonist has never been named. The popularity of the Dunglen may have had something to do with the factContinue reading “The Night the Dunglen Burned Down”

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

I’m not someone who goes on diets. Low-carb, no-carb, Mediterranean, Atkins, Whole 30, keto, and on and on. My personal dietary guideline is to eat a wide variety of mostly unprocessed foods. As Michael Pollan wrote, “Eat food. Not too much.” Typically, if I need to lose a few pounds I just eat less ofContinue reading “The Lies We Tell Ourselves”

Book Review – My Dearest Dietrich

When I saw that Amanda Barratt was tackling a novel about Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ill-fated love, I knew I wanted to read it! While I was familiar with the pastor’s part in the conspiracy to kill Adolph Hitler and his ultimate martyrdom, I had no idea he’d been engaged. Let me begin by saying this wasContinue reading “Book Review – My Dearest Dietrich”

When Silence Sings Launch Team

Do You Have Influence? If you’ve enjoyed my books and maybe even recommended them to someone, I want to talk to you for a minute. I’m in need of a few good influencers to help promote When Silence Sings, which releases this coming November. To be clear up front, an influencer is different from aContinue reading “When Silence Sings Launch Team”

When Silence Sings – Preorder

I don’t often flat out promote my books on this blog. I always have some links and refer to my stories with some regularity, but I’m rarely so blunt as to remind you that, well, you can buy my books. Yesterday was the start of the six-month countdown to the release of my next story–WhenContinue reading “When Silence Sings – Preorder”

My Annual Suffering Inoculation

The summer after I turned 30 I was stung by a couple of yellow jackets. And ended up in the emergency room with full-blown anaphylaxis. After seven years of allergy shots my doctor decreed that my resistance was, “as good as it gets.” Turns out they don’t give you a card that says, “CURED.” So,Continue reading “My Annual Suffering Inoculation”