It’s the most wonderful time of year! Holidays and food and gifts and family and decorations and . . . stress!!

Are you feeling it yet?

I typically manage to remain relatively unstressed by the holidays. But this year we’re selling our house and moving to be near my new job at The Mitford Museum on TOP of all the holiday stuff. Oh, and I just launched my seventh novel. Oy. God has a sense of humor.

And there have been a few moments of sheer panic when I’ve thought . . . WHAT ARE WE DOING?!? Because this whole business of change is unsettling and uncomfortable.

In the midst of it all there are moments when I want to either go back to how it WAS or jump ahead to how it WILL BE. Because this in between time is UNCOMFORTABLE. And when I start to feel uncomfortable, I start to ask if I’m really in God’s will. Because when we follow Him we’re supposed to be comfortable. Right?

Yeah. No.

Joshua keeps coming to mind. After 40 years of following Moses through the desert, the Israelites finally came to the promised land. At last–time to get comfortable! Except Moses is dead. And the promised land is inhabited by giants. And God gives Joshua this great pep talk about being strong and courageous because I’m thinking he really, really needed it right about then!

So, no, being in God’s will isn’t necessarily comfortable. As a matter of fact, there’s an awful lot of evidence that it can be really, really challenging. Because it seems it’s in the struggle that we grow. I’m looking forward to the day when I come home from my new job to our new house where I can settle on the sofa with my husband and dog in total comfort. I’m confident that day is coming. And until then . . . I’m just going to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Because I have faith that God is at work even now.