Maybe you weren’t invited to the wedding. Or didn’t get a birthday card. The waiter skipped refilling your glass. Or your friend missed picking you up at the airport.

And you felt forgotten. Unseen. Like no one cared.

While The Finder of Forgotten Things is about the forgotten men who died in the Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster, it’s also about how we so often walk around feeling out of place. Like we’ve been overlooked and forgotten–maybe by the very people we thought we could count on the most.

Have you been there? I sure have.

My characters have, too. Sulley Harris in particular. An orphan, abandoned by his mother, if anyone remembers him it’s because he’s a rascal. And he embraces that way of living until he discovers dead and dying men who have TRULY been forgotten. Now he longs to remember and be remembered. Just like you. Just like me.

I hope you’ll join Sulley, Gainey, and Jeremiah on their unforgettable journey together toward finding what they’re missing. And maybe you’ll find something you’ve been missing along the way as well.