My next story will be unleashed on the world in four short months. These are the days when the book IS what it IS. The final edits have been turned in but the reviews have yet to come out. And readers have yet to flip to Chapter 1 and discover this latest tale.

So, basically, I’m waiting. Which is fine since that’s what the writing life is ALL about.

But while I’m waiting, it’s no good to just twiddle my thumbs. I’ve been sharing background on the story along and along–the setting, the historical basis–that sort of thing.

But what about that TITLE? Do you like it? The Finder of Forgotten Things–what does that spark in your imagination?

Originally, I wanted to call the story, The Finder of Lost Things. But there are already at least two novels by that title and one of them just released last October. So, we went back to the drawing board and aimed to change the title up a bit. Searcher or Seeker instead of Finder. Missing instead of Lost. But Forgotten resonated the most and not only for the sake of alliteration (which I really like).

While Sulley, the hero (anithero?) is a finder primarily of water as a dowser (water witcher) he also starts finding other things. Like a lost button and eventually lost people. So I was a little sad about not being able to use Lost in the title. But Forgotten . . . that works in a really special way. Because while Sulley keeps finding lost things, he also discovers a whole cornfield full of forgotten men.

Kind of like I did when I was researching this story. Too many men suffered, sacrificed, and then faded into anonymity. There may be a few family members who haven’t forgotten, but I don’t think that’s good enough. No one should be forgotten.

So today I challenge you to post the name of someone you’ll never forget. A family member, a friend, even an enemy. Someone who’s part of YOUR special story.