I love getting to visit the places where I set my stories. The Right Kind of Fool–releasing in November–is set in Beverly, WV, just down the road from my mom’s house. Last fall we went over and poked around town making it possible for me to add some nice details.

The old Odd Fellows Hall crops up several times. Today, it’s a cute shop filled with country knick knacks and collectibles–in my 1932 story it was a place for some tense conversations! Here’s a peek at the beginning of one of those . . .

Creed followed Virgil not much more than a block to the Odd Fellows Hall on Main Street. Although membership in the organization had dwindled, the building with its stamped metal sheathing and false front remained a point of pride for many in the town. Apparently, Hadden was a member, and from the way Virgil walked in like he owned the place, Creed guessed the sheriff must be a member, as well.

Hadden sat at a table to the side of the long, narrow room. A cup of coffee sat in front of him, and he was reading a copy of the Randolph Enterprise. He lowered the paper, folded it, and set it on the table. He crossed his arms.

“Appreciate you sticking around,” Virgil said.

“I’m saving you a trip to my home. I hope you appreciate that.”

Virgil grunted and pulled a chair over near Hadden. “Could have gone ahead and locked you up. Then I wouldn’t have needed to cross the street.”

Hadden turned his attention to Creed. “We could use some new members here. Have you ever thought of becoming an Odd Fellow?”

Creed laughed. “Guess I’m odd enough without joining a group to prove it.”