It might SEEM like this post is a day late, but something exciting is happening today and tomorrow and I wanted to share it with you in the moment!

It’s rare for a recent release to go on sale, but that’s just what’s happening the next two days. The ebook version of When Silence Sings, Colman and Serepta’s story, will be $1.99 or less on March 3 and 4 ONLY. Just click on the image for the Kindle version.

Get it while the gettin’s good!

As a reminder, here’s the back cover copy: For years, Serepta McClean has towered over the coal-filled hills of West Virginia, taking more than her share of legal and illegal trade alike. She’s intent on securing the future of the McClean name, despite two unreliable sons and a long-standing feud with the Harpe clan that’s exploded once again into violence.

While many fear her, and many more despise her, few dare to stand against her. Especially not someone like Colman Harpe–a railroad man with dreams of being a preacher. And yet it’s a reluctant Colman, Serepta’s sworn enemy, who finds himself in this powerful woman’s territory, supposedly sent there by God himself to share stories of love and hope.

With the feud growing ever more dangerous, putting the entire region at risk, these two impossibly different people find themselves on a collision course. And the very lives of everyone close to them will be changed forever.