Appalachian Thursday–More Book Launch

The MOST special day of my life was my wedding day. The book launch party for Miracle in a Dry Season definitely comes in second. It was utterly Appalachian from the location–a little white church on a hill–to the food–cornbread and beans. But the BEST part was the people. Many are natives of Appalachia, whileContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–More Book Launch”

Book Launch LOVE

Miracle in a Dry Season officially launches tomorrow. Yesterday, we had a book launch party at my church. And while nothing is perfect this side of heaven, it was just about as close as we could get. In Appalachian Serenade Delilah realizes that family is something deeper than blood kin. My FAMILY gathered around yesterdayContinue reading “Book Launch LOVE”

Appalachian Thursday–Fresh Peaches

Peaches are at their peak here in Western North Carolina. A neighbor brought us some from the farmer’s market earlier this week and I’ve been enjoying them every day. You may have noticed that peaches are prominent on the cover of Miracle in a Dry Season. I’ll tell you a secret. I wasn’t all thatContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Fresh Peaches”

Appalachian Thursday–Aprons & a Contest

My grandmother had quite a collection of aprons–full aprons and half aprons. Terry cloth aprons for everyday and frilly aprons for company. I personally own four aprons–a quilted one from my friend Judy, a flowered one that was a prize in a contest, an adorable rick-racked half apron my friend Delores made for me, andContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Aprons & a Contest”

Appalachian Blessings–Wow, a news release!

I’ve been in marketing and public relations since I graduated college which was, um, 20 years ago. In that time, I have written more than a few news releases. But I don’t think I’ve ever been the subject of a news release. So check this out! Debut novel from Bethany House featured in both PublishersContinue reading “Appalachian Blessings–Wow, a news release!”

Four Weeks ‘Til the Launch

Miracle in a Dry Season officially launches four weeks from tomorrow. When I first got the release date all those months ago, I imagined a sort of mass “unveiling” on Tuesday, August 5. Turns out that’s not quite how it works. I already have a copy of my novel since the printing was moved upContinue reading “Four Weeks ‘Til the Launch”

Appalachian Thursday–the Fourth at Lucille’s

Back home in West Virginia there was always a bean supper at Lucille’s for the Fourth of July. George and Lucille were first cousins to my dad and they had a little, white house up on the ridge above the church. Each year, Lucille would organize the event with a big kettle of beans bubblingContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–the Fourth at Lucille’s”

What I learned at ICRS

I spent last Sunday-Tuesday in Atlanta at the International Christian Retail show. I’ve been to quite a few writers’ conferences, but this was my first event where the focus was on selling books rather than writing¬†them. And it was a hoot. I went to hopefully connect with retailers who might stock my novel. I didContinue reading “What I learned at ICRS”

Am I an Old Fogey?

When I was a kid the unspoken rule was that girls wore dresses to church. Around the time I was eight, I got bold and dressed for church in a pair of slacks. When Dad told me to go put on a skirt I told him with GREAT confidence that God didn’t care what IContinue reading “Am I an Old Fogey?”

Appalachian Serenade–Free on Kindle!

I had a pretty good idea that my novella would release sometime in June, but I didn’t know when. On Tuesday afternoon it appeared on Amazon and on Wednesday folks could start reading it! How exciting and scary all at once! Normally, I get to sort of string a debut out, teasing potential readers withContinue reading “Appalachian Serenade–Free on Kindle!”