Typing The End–A Birthday Deadline

When given the option, I tend to pick dates that have some significance for me. So, when my editor asked when I’d have book #3 for him to look at I picked . . . my birthday. So here it is, on the day I turn 43 I’m sending my latest manuscript off to myContinue reading “Typing The End–A Birthday Deadline”

A Thanksgiving Week Challenge (and book giveaway)

Welcome to the season of over-eating. First, there’s Thanksgiving with all its abundance. And since everyone else is eating too much it kind of gives us all permission to indulge. What’s one more bite of pecan pie when you’ve already exceeded your caloric intake for . . . the week? Then the build up toContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Week Challenge (and book giveaway)”

Appalachian Thursday–Autumn LOVE

In Western North Carolina we’re deep in my favorite season of the year. And so, I can’t resist taking a moment to enumerate some of what I love about fall in Appalachia. Fall color! Red and gold, rust, sunshine yellow, orange so vivid it makes you feel warm . . . I can’t get enough.Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Autumn LOVE”

Home Again, Home Again – a WV Events Roundup

Well, it wasn’t exactly a book tour, but it’s about as close as I’ll get until my books are a bit more, well, known. I did two events back home in WV last week–a reading¬†at a¬†dinner at Fish Hawk Acres and a signing at Mainline Books. And it was wonderful! The dinner was a littleContinue reading “Home Again, Home Again – a WV Events Roundup”

Appalachian Thursday–WV Book Events

I’m headed home in October. Ahhhh. My favorite month in my favorite place. And as an added bonus, I’m doing two book-related events while I’m in West Virginia. So excited to take my book back to the place it was born! Thursday, Oct. 16, 5:30 pm – October Farm Feast at Fish Hawk Acres MyContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–WV Book Events”

My First Public Book Signing

There’s nothing like sitting behind a table of your books watching people go by to remind you how important humility is. There’s also nothing like total strangers who have never heard of you or your book getting excited about meeting you to remind you the world’s still a pretty great place. I didn’t mean toContinue reading “My First Public Book Signing”

Appalachian Thursday–String Beans

It’s time to put up the garden–canning, preserving, freezing. Of course, I hated it when I was a kid, but now I wish I had the time and cellar space to preserve summer in a Mason jar. Not to mention family close enough to gather on the porch to string beans, pare apples, shuck corn,Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday–String Beans”

Appalachian Thursday–Washing Up

Doing the dishes isn’t particularly Appalachian–people wash up after meals everywhere–but it struck me that characters in my books often have great conversations over dish washing. Why is that? Well, probably because I’ve been part of many a washing up chat. There’s something about the camaraderie of one person washing while another dries and putsContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Washing Up”

Adjusting My Perspective–Room in the Inn

As I approach the one-month mark from my book’s release on August 5 I’ll confess I’m a wee bit obsessed with things like sales rank, reviews, and Facebook engagement. And while many of those numbers are squishy, there’s just enough information out there to, well, make me crazy. Which is why I’m really glad thisContinue reading “Adjusting My Perspective–Room in the Inn”

This time it’s a REAL fast

Back during Lent I went on a fear fast that was an amazing growth opportunity for me. But in recent weeks I’ve been feeling a tug to go on a real, honest-to-goodness, Biblical fast. You know, by abstaining from food. Let me just insert here that food is one of my favorite things. It’s almostContinue reading “This time it’s a REAL fast”