Appalachian Thursday – Staghorn Sumac

It’s a running joke with my husband and me. I say shoo-make. He says soo-mak. Clearly he’s wrong and just enjoys aggravating me. Oh, I know, I know. If you look up the “official” pronunciation it says that either soo-mak or shoo-mak is acceptable. There’s no mention of tagging “make” on the end. But theContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Staghorn Sumac”

Appalachian Thursday — Making Ice Cream

One of our favorite summertime treats growing up on the farm was hand cranked ice cream. Of course, when you have a cow that delivers lots of creamy milk, the ingredients aren’t hard to come by. I suppose we made other flavors, but good ole vanilla is what I remember best. Dad would set theContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday — Making Ice Cream”

Appalachian Thursday – Berry Season

Summer is a fruitful time in the soft, green mountains of Appalachia. The black raspberries are gone and the blackberries are just getting started. Typically we have MORE than enough to go round–even sharing with the bears! When it comes to blackberries there are pies, jellies, jams, sauces, salads, and even sweet tea. But really,Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Berry Season”

An Abundance of Riches–Vacation

I know lots of folks who plan wonderful, far-flung vacations to exotic locales. I’ve never been one of those folks. Vacation for me means time to do whatever I want. Which typically includes eating some really good meals (cooking in and going out), extra dog walks, watching a movie or two I’ve been meaning toContinue reading “An Abundance of Riches–Vacation”

Appalachian Thursday – The First Cutting

We’re finally having some truly warm weather with days that might even be what you would call “hot.” And as summer approaches, I’ve seen some folks in the area start to put up the first cutting of hay. When I was a kid, the first cutting typically came pretty close to the last day ofContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – The First Cutting”

Books! Chocolate! Authors!

No Appalachian Thursday today. I’m at the RT Book Lovers Convention in Atlanta, Ga., enjoying time with readers, authors, and chocolate. Good times! If you’re in the area, here’s one of my events: If you’re not in the area, heads up that my first novel, Miracle in a Dry Season, is FREE this week duringContinue reading “Books! Chocolate! Authors!”

Appalachian Thursday – Foraged Food

Spring is prime foraging time in the woods where we hike. We often see folks out with baskets or net bags and I know they’re looking for tasty tidbits to add to dinner. Personally, I’m more of a catch and release forager. I love finding things I could eat, but I’m not really all thatContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Foraged Food”

Appalachian Thursday–Easter Sunrise

I love most every holiday. Food, friends, decorations–it’s all wonderful. But my favorite holiday is Easter. And my favorite part of Easter is the Sunrise Service. It’s a disappointment to me when the service gets moved inside because of the weather (too cold, too wet, too snowy). But I’ll still be there, in the pre-dawnContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Easter Sunrise”

Appalachian Thursday – Allium tricoccum

Earlier this week I was cutting through the woods on the mountain back of the house when I saw a lush patch of green off through the trees. I recognized it right away. It’s ramp season in Appalachia. I found an on-line article that said, “Ramps are a spring ephemeral of deciduous forests in easternContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Allium tricoccum”

Love Like a Casserole

It’s day 19 of this ridiculous cold that has apparently morphed into something else. The paperwork from the urgent care clinic says, “Acute upper respiratory infection, unspecified.” I have antibiotics. I think the doctor may have given them to me to appease me, but I don’t care. I’ll take lamp oil in sugar at thisContinue reading “Love Like a Casserole”