What Thanksgiving dish do you crave?

I’m heading home to WV for Thanksgiving this year. It’s rare that I go home–we usually spend the holiday with my husband’s family a mere 90 minutes away in SC. And I LOVE spending Thanksgiving with his family. But somehow the food isn’t exactly what I grew up with. Oh, it’s delicious. Adding homemade macaroniContinue reading “What Thanksgiving dish do you crave?”

But it’s NOT winter yet!

We had a couple of inches of snow from Hurricane Sandy. Nothing compared to what folks further north are contending with, but it was pretty dramatic for Western North Carolina. Now the snow is gone, the sun is shining and . . . it’s still autumn. Oh, plenty of leaves are down, but the oaksContinue reading “But it’s NOT winter yet!”

What have you HAD to go without?

Last Friday I wrote about the bacon shortage that isn’t. A friend pointed out that most of us have gone without something at some point and survived it. Which got me thinking about what I’ve had to go without and how I handled it. Electricity. We’ve all had to suffer through a power outage aContinue reading “What have you HAD to go without?”

The Great Bacon Scare of 2012

So, if you’re a big fan of pork products like I am, the news this past week proclaiming a coming bacon shortage was not welcome. Turns out though, the porkocalypse is a bunch of hogwash. Yes, the drought has caused ingredients in┬áhog feed to rise and yes, the price of pork is likely to goContinue reading “The Great Bacon Scare of 2012”

There’s a man living in our church parking lot . . .

Yup, he showed up a little over a week ago and asked if he could live out of his van at our church. After checking him out with the Sheriff’s Department we said, “sure.” He’s a nice man–came to Sunday School and stayed for the service last week. He’s a traveling preacher looking for aContinue reading “There’s a man living in our church parking lot . . .”

Fuel for Writing–or Whatever!

I don’t usually post recipes here. I LOVE to cook, but that’s not what this blog is about. Every once in a while, though . . . There’s a great website called Six Sisters Stuff that has loads of┬ádelicious recipes (and crafts, I think, but that’s not my area). This easy, no-bake dessert is veryContinue reading “Fuel for Writing–or Whatever!”