Well, it wasn’t exactly a book tour, but it’s about as close as I’ll get until my books are a bit more, well, known. I did two events back home in WV last week–a reading at a dinner at Fish Hawk Acres and a signing at Mainline Books.
And it was wonderful!


Twilight setting in at the Fish Hawk Acres dinner. That’s Mom at the end of the table with Jean and Aunt Pat.

The dinner was a little damp and chilly, which reduced our numbers, but those who came were delightful. We chatted over soup shooters–butternut squash and roasted red pepper–before settling under the pavilion for dinner. Chef Dale Hawkins told us a bit about the food, most of which comes from local growers (the couple who grew the gorgeous parsnips and multicolored carrots dined with us). Then we ate ’til we couldn’t eat any more. Pot roast with caramelized onions, pork loin with shiitake gravy, red cabbage with bacon, salad greens with beets and ginger vinaigrette, apple dumplings with caramel sauce. Oh my!
Anyone who thinks West Virginia food isn’t sophisticated and amazing needs to go see Dale. He’ll set you straight.
Then I got up to talk a bit and read about the first meal Perla cooked for Casewell. At least I wasn’t making people hungry! To close out the evening, I signed books for my new friends. Lovely.

At Mainline Books with Phil Ward–a cousin on the Phillips side of the family.

On Saturday, I went to charming Mainline Books in Elkins, WV, for a signing. It was another damp, grey day, but the bookstore was bright and cheery. There really should have been a cat curled up on the big chair in back. I had a table with fall decorations near the door and set my banner up outside.
We had a good turnout in spite of the fact that the WVU football game was at noon, halfway through the signing! You’re pretty much not allowed to live in WV unless you’re willing to care about WVU football. (They beat #4 Baylor–go Mountaineers!) My mom came and sat with me while my cousin and her husband drove down from Pennsylvania–what a great surprise!
While it was great to get Miracle in a Dry Season into the hands of some new readers, the best part was being at home, with my family, celebrating the wonders of being a published author. Pure joy!