Writing: Traveling Through Time

One of the primary reasons I write is to share my love for the place I grew up and the people who populate it. The funny thing is, quite a few of those people are long gone. Some of them were gone even before I came along. I grew up in a house where weContinue reading “Writing: Traveling Through Time”

Heavenly Highway Hymns–Shape Note Singing

I often include hymns in my novels. Characters sing them, refer to their favorites, and are touched by lyrics. While I can easily look songs up on-line, I prefer to use one of my treasured belongings as reference. It’s a 1956 copy of Heavenly Highway Hymns from Laurel Fork United Methodist Church. By the time IContinue reading “Heavenly Highway Hymns–Shape Note Singing”

If Jesus is Your Copilot, Move Over and Let Him Drive

I used to see “Jesus is my Copilot” bumper stickers. Then came the bumper stickers suggesting that Jesus might actually be the better driver. Of course this is silly. I mean, if Jesus offered to drive I would SO let him. I don’t like driving. I like napping in the passenger seat. You know, dozingContinue reading “If Jesus is Your Copilot, Move Over and Let Him Drive”

A Picture is Worth a Thousand . . . Page Views

It’s true. I’ve read–in several places–that the way to engage folks on your Facebook author page is with pictures. Having recently set-up just such a page, I decided to test this hypothesis. Most of the posts on my page thus far have been links to this blog. Because it’s  a new page, those posts averageContinue reading “A Picture is Worth a Thousand . . . Page Views”

Celebratory Eats–What Do You Like?

If you’re like me, celebrations are often built around food. Shoot, most of my life is built around food, but that’s another post. When I got the news that a publisher actually wanted my novel, my first thought (after the squealing died down and I praised God) was how to celebrate. Or rather, with whatContinue reading “Celebratory Eats–What Do You Like?”

In the Beginning – My Memory of Drowning

I started down this road to writing books with characters who can perform Christ’s miracles because of the crystal clear memory I have of nearly drowning when I was four years old. It seems wonderful to me that I not only remember something that no one could have told me, but that it’s a GOODContinue reading “In the Beginning – My Memory of Drowning”

Seven DON’Ts for Aspiring Writers

There are so many things I’m supposed to do as a writer. Blog, use social media, go to conferences, query, network, join a critique group–oh, and write. But as I’ve traveled this writing road I’ve learned that there are several things I should not do as well. Here’s a sampling: Don’t try to cook and writeContinue reading “Seven DON’Ts for Aspiring Writers”

Going Where Jesus Is

I’m fortunate to live near the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove in Asheville, NC. Early each year Kendra Graham (wife of Will Graham, Billy’s grandson) leads a ladies’ Bible study. And it’s free! So a group of us from church go and get two hours of weekly refreshment at one of the loveliestContinue reading “Going Where Jesus Is”

What do we REALLY need?

At Tuesday evening Bible study we always begin with prayer requests. And the “rule” is that everyone has a praise and/or concern. Because we always have something we need to be thankful for and something we need to pray about. One evening recently, this time inspired an interesting conversation about asking for what we needContinue reading “What do we REALLY need?”

No More New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. The idea of waiting until January 1 to start doing something I ought to be doing anyway just bugs me. If I need to start a new habit–what’s wrong with now? That’s what I said two weeks ago when the small voice that had been encouraging me to deepen and strengthen myContinue reading “No More New Year’s Resolutions”