A Thanksgiving Week Challenge (and book giveaway)

Welcome to the season of over-eating. First, there’s Thanksgiving with all its abundance. And since everyone else is eating too much it kind of gives us all permission to indulge. What’s one more bite of pecan pie when you’ve already exceeded your caloric intake for . . . the week? Then the build up toContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Week Challenge (and book giveaway)”

When is busy too busy?

A show of hands please–who out there is busy? Ah-ha. I see a lot of hands. And I hear a lot of friends, family members, and co-workers who share tales of their busy-ness with me. And I tell quite a few of my own. Two members of a missionary family from Turkey spoke at churchContinue reading “When is busy too busy?”

Home Again, Home Again – a WV Events Roundup

Well, it wasn’t exactly a book tour, but it’s about as close as I’ll get until my books are a bit more, well, known. I did two events back home in WV last week–a reading¬†at a¬†dinner at Fish Hawk Acres and a signing at Mainline Books. And it was wonderful! The dinner was a littleContinue reading “Home Again, Home Again – a WV Events Roundup”

A Note for a Friend–Through the Valley

Hard times–valleys–come in so many forms. They can be obvious–job loss, death in the family, sickness, natural disaster. Or they can be harder to spot–a child gone astray, a marriage in tatters, a difficult work environment. And all too often, we try really hard to keep others from seeing our valleys. I have a dearContinue reading “A Note for a Friend–Through the Valley”

Appalachian Thursday–Side Dogs

There are generally two types of folks I run into hiking in the national forest near our house. 1) Transplants with an appreciation for nature who carry water bottles, graphite hiking sticks, and often have a proliferation of bumper stickers on their cars. 2) Locals with an appreciation for the place they know who carryContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Side Dogs”

Book . . . analysis: Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good

I was going to review Jan Karon’s latest novel–Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good–but I realized I didn’t want to review it so much as analyze it. The thing is, Jan Karon doesn’t follow the rules. If you go to conferences or classes (which I highly recommend) you’ll get lots of advice about starting the storyContinue reading “Book . . . analysis: Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good”

My First Public Book Signing

There’s nothing like sitting behind a table of your books watching people go by to remind you how important humility is. There’s also nothing like total strangers who have never heard of you or your book getting excited about meeting you to remind you the world’s still a pretty great place. I didn’t mean toContinue reading “My First Public Book Signing”

Appalachian Thursday–Letters from Home

One of my greatest treasures is a collection of letters from my grandmother. She was from a generation that hadn’t quite given up paper and pen for the telephone and certainly not for e-mail. I doubt she ever sat down in front of a computer, although she marveled over the laptop I carried to herContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Letters from Home”

I still really love Jan Karon (and here’s why)

In 2011 I had the chance to meet Jan Karon–one of my favorite authors–and she was every bit as delightful as I hoped. Yesterday I had a chance to see her again and although she didn’t grab me and say she remembered me from that one, brief encounter three years ago, she was still asContinue reading “I still really love Jan Karon (and here’s why)”

Adjusting My Perspective–Room in the Inn

As I approach the one-month mark from my book’s release on August 5 I’ll confess I’m a wee bit obsessed with things like sales rank, reviews, and Facebook engagement. And while many of those numbers are squishy, there’s just enough information out there to, well, make me crazy. Which is why I’m really glad thisContinue reading “Adjusting My Perspective–Room in the Inn”