Appalachian Thursday–More Book Launch

The MOST special day of my life was my wedding day. The book launch party for Miracle in a Dry Season definitely comes in second. It was utterly Appalachian from the location–a little white church on a hill–to the food–cornbread and beans. But the BEST part was the people. Many are natives of Appalachia, whileContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–More Book Launch”

Book Launch LOVE

Miracle in a Dry Season officially launches tomorrow. Yesterday, we had a book launch party at my church. And while nothing is perfect this side of heaven, it was just about as close as we could get. In Appalachian Serenade Delilah realizes that family is something deeper than blood kin. My FAMILY gathered around yesterdayContinue reading “Book Launch LOVE”

Appalachian Thursday–the Fourth at Lucille’s

Back home in West Virginia there was always a bean supper at Lucille’s for the Fourth of July. George and Lucille were first cousins to my dad and they had a little, white house up on the ridge above the church. Each year, Lucille would organize the event with a big kettle of beans bubblingContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–the Fourth at Lucille’s”

What I learned at ICRS

I spent last Sunday-Tuesday in Atlanta at the International Christian Retail show. I’ve been to quite a few writers’ conferences, but this was my first event where the focus was on selling books rather than writing them. And it was a hoot. I went to hopefully connect with retailers who might stock my novel. I didContinue reading “What I learned at ICRS”

The Ratings Game OR Why I Love 2 Stars

You may have heard that my novella released last Tuesday. It was a bit of a surprise–I thought it would release later in the month, but I was happy to jump on the promotions bandwagon to get the word out. And the word got out! When I first admired the post on Amazon, Appalachian BlessingsContinue reading “The Ratings Game OR Why I Love 2 Stars”

Divine Moments–A Compilation of God at Work

I’m blessed to have a lovely group of writing friends here in Western North Carolina. We get together periodically to eat, laugh, and talk all things writing (and men, and children, and LIFE). Not long ago, our fearless leader Yvonne Lehman came to us with the idea of a collection of “miracle” stories. The resultContinue reading “Divine Moments–A Compilation of God at Work”

Lenten Fear Fast–Flying High

A while back I pretty much decided that I wouldn’t go anywhere that required air travel. It didn’t seem like that much of a sacrifice. I’ve flown before–been to California, Las Vegas, New York and a few places in between. I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted to get at bad enough to climbContinue reading “Lenten Fear Fast–Flying High”

Appalachian Thursday–Win a Copy of My Book!

Bethany House is running a contest to give away an advanced reader copy of Miracle in a Dry Season. I’m so excited to know I’ll be holding my novel in my hands soon and now someone else can hold it early as well! If you’d like to enter to win a copy, follow this link or clickContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Win a Copy of My Book!”

Lenten Fear Fast–I Love You So Much I’d Give You a Kidney

This week the specific fear I tackled was having a conversation I’d been avoiding. You know how it goes–you don’t want to bring it up when things are going good lest you ruin things, and you don’t want to bring it up when things are rocky, because it’ll just make them worse. So, in lightContinue reading “Lenten Fear Fast–I Love You So Much I’d Give You a Kidney”

Lenten Fear Fast–Was Jesus Afraid?

I’ve been wondering lately if Jesus was ever afraid. And I think he was at least once. It was that night before his crucifixion when he asked God to “take this cup from me.” While Jesus was willing, I don’t think anyone can argue that he wanted to be sacrificed for the sin of theContinue reading “Lenten Fear Fast–Was Jesus Afraid?”