Appalachian Wednesday–Festival Time!

We love our festivals in West Virginia and we have ’em all year long. There’s the Strawberry Festival in the spring, the WV State Fair in summer, and Helvetia’s Fasnacht¬†each winter, but fall is prime time for some great celebrations of our state’s heritage. Here are a few you should check out this year orContinue reading “Appalachian Wednesday–Festival Time!”

Book #2 — Feedback, Please

I’m going through round one of self-editing for what I hope will be my second novel. Which means I’ll soon be writing the proposal for Miracle Enough for Two. That includes a short synopsis or back-cover blurb. Here’s what I have thus far. Tell me what you think. Does it sound interesting? Is any ofContinue reading “Book #2 — Feedback, Please”

Appalachian Wednesday–Squirrel Season

As the days get crisp and the nights downright chilly; as the leaves begin to turn and the sky seems bluer each day; as I begin to crave “fall” foods my thoughts turn to–fried squirrel. With gravy. It’s been a looong time since I fried a squirrel. Not since high school. But man it wasContinue reading “Appalachian Wednesday–Squirrel Season”

Appalachian Wednesday–Fall’s Last Flower

Well, it’s October. I realize the first day of fall was back in September, but October is when I KNOW the seasons are changing in these Appalachian mountains. Leaves are just starting to color, the mornings require a jacket, and the sky is getting ever bluer. It’s the bittersweet time of year when the weatherContinue reading “Appalachian Wednesday–Fall’s Last Flower”

Have you ever gotten mad at a book?

I’m still a little bit mad about how Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier ended. I won’t offer any spoilers on the off chance you’ve neither read the book nor seen the movie, but I did NOT find the end satisfying. Oh, I guess there was a certain poetry to it, but I had something elseContinue reading “Have you ever gotten mad at a book?”

Appalachian Wednesday–Cleaning Ditches

A¬†state crew came out not long ago and re-ditched our road. It was badly needed in several places, but I have to say I wasn’t impressed with the finesse of large equipment. It worked great along the steep hill and in several other areas, but more than one stretch needed a more, shall we sayContinue reading “Appalachian Wednesday–Cleaning Ditches”

What Do You Want to Hear About?

When Miracle in a Dry Season launches–August 2014–part of the promotion process will include me speaking. It’s not enough to do a book signing anymore, authors need to give readers something of value. Now, how valuable me talking is has yet to be determined, but it’s a common offering among authors so here we go.Continue reading “What Do You Want to Hear About?”

Appalachian Wednesday–Taking Out the Trash

Today is trash day in my neighborhood. That means I lug the white bag of garbage and the blue bag of recycling up to the end of the driveway and leave them for the garbage men. (I also say a little prayer that the bears don’t beat them to it.) This is a far cryContinue reading “Appalachian Wednesday–Taking Out the Trash”

Appalachian Wednesday–APPLES!

Oh it’s good to have friendly neighbors with apple trees. It may be even better than having apple trees yourself. No mowing over the windfall fruit. No yellow jackets swarming around all that fallen, bruised goodness. No guilt because you can never use them all. Our neighbors have six apple trees and one pear treeContinue reading “Appalachian Wednesday–APPLES!”