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Traffic Mimes . . . No, Really

It would be a huge stretch to tie this post to reading, writing or publishing, but it's just too fantastic not to mention. Apparently, traffic has gotten so horrific in some cities in South America, that they have resorted to . . . are you ready? Mimes. Drivers in the...

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Book to Movie

One of my favorite books in recent years is Serena by Ron Rash. I wrote about it here. Rash, a poet, has a way of writing that almost makes me want to give up trying to do it myself. He writes prose with a poetic flavor that I find irresistible. It's just yummy. And...

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The Sophomore Soar!

Since first sticking a toe into the publishing world, I've often heard about the dreaded "sophomore slump." An author's first book does reasonably or even very well, then she chokes and book two falls short. Well, it may be a common problem, but it's surely not...

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Breaking New Ground

Last weekend I took Thistle for a walk in the woods. Our next door neighbor has 40 acres, much of it on the mountain that rises behind our house, and we are welcome to ramble there. The next neighbor beyond that property also has a chunk of land that we walk on. It's...

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