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Guess what? Some exciting news . . .

I've read every single one of the Mitford books by Jan Karon. And when my first novel was about to release, I even wrote to her asking if she'd consider endorsing it. (She declined so kindly I didn't mind a bit!) And then I had the opportunity to get to know Jan when...

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Are You Christmas Shopping Yet??

I keep hearing how we'd all better hurry up and do our Christmas shopping early this year because there are supposed to be all sorts of shortages. Sigh. Does it feel like the world is trying to suck the joy out of everything these days?!? Well. On the off chance...

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Do You Ever Feel Forgotten?

Maybe you weren't invited to the wedding. Or didn't get a birthday card. The waiter skipped refilling your glass. Or your friend missed picking you up at the airport. And you felt forgotten. Unseen. Like no one cared. While The Finder of Forgotten Things is about the...

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Will You Buy Some Books? (not mine!)

Like many authors, I have a "day job" in addition to writing. You know, at least until someone makes that blockbuster movie that rockets my books to the top of all the bestseller lists! Of course, I also love my day job, so maybe I'll do it anyway! BLACK MOUNTAIN HOME...

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Letters from Home

Does anyone write actual letters anymore? I mean the newsy, chatty, keeping-up-with-people-we-love kinds of letters. One of my greatest treasures is a collection of letters from my grandmother. She was from a generation that hadn't given up paper and pen for the...

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