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An Easter Reflection

I love most every holiday. Food, friends (most years!), decorations–it’s all wonderful. But my favorite holiday is Easter. And my favorite part of Easter is the Sunrise Service. It’s a disappointment to me when the service gets moved inside because of the weather (too...

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Happy Holy Week?

My goodness. Here it is, Holy Week already. Which means Easter is practically upon us. If I don’t pause and consider the coming of a special day, I tend to feel like I’m missing out. What if you just woke up and someone told you it was your birthday? Sure, it might be...

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Celebrating World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day was actually yesterday, but I thought we'd go ahead and keep the poetry party going with a post today! (See how I used alliteration there? That's a poetic device.) Some of my favorite poets are Wendell Berry, Ron Rash, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Marc...

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