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In the Midst of the Storm

Hurricane Fred blew through here last week. We moved to the mountains to get away from hurricanes and by and large we have. Plus, a hurricane on the coast is a whole other beast than one that's bullied its way into the mountains. All that land and topography usually...

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Happy 80th Birthday Dad

Today, I should be with Dad in WV, making a supper of ham, green beans, and potatoes followed by birthday cake or, better yet, butterscotch pie. Oh, and biscuits with butter and jelly. We'd sit out on the deck (he called it a "dorch," half deck, half porch) and I'd...

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You HAVE to Watch The Chosen

Have you watched The Chosen yet? No? Well what are you waiting for?!? I'll admit I didn't jump on The Chosen bandwagon right away. While I've seen a handful of really great Christian movies/programs, I've also seen quite a few that were so-so. But friends kept raving...

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