Appalachian Thursday – A Singing Valentine

Of course, Valentine’s Day is little more than a marketing ploy to get us to buy candy, cards, flowers, and other gifts. But Appalachian Express in Johnson City, TN, has a more creative way to wish your sweetheart a Happy Valentines Day. As a fundraiser for their chorus, quartets go out on Wednesday, February 14,Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – A Singing Valentine”

Appalachian Thursday – Light for the Darkest Day

It’s the first day of winter. The darkest day of the year. Which, of course, has me thinking about LIGHT and all it’s sources. Even on dark days, there was lots of light on the family farm come December and not always electric. CANDLE LIGHT – We didn’t have all those fancy, scented candles, butContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Light for the Darkest Day”

Appalachian Thursday – Daddies & Daughters

Not long ago I posted a list of things Appalachian mothers and daughters should do together in response to a similar on-line list that I thought was a bit silly (spa trip, yoga, and a trip to NYC). Since then, I’ve been thinking I need to write the same kind of list for father’s and daughters. SoContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Daddies & Daughters”

Ten Decorating Ideas for Christmas

I know lots of folks who jump on their Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving (or sooner!), but I always wait until December 1. Maybe because it’s my birthday. And even then, I start slow, with a few outside decorations, maybe the nativity. I gradually add decor around the house and finally get the treeContinue reading “Ten Decorating Ideas for Christmas”

Book Review – These Healing Hills

I try to keep up with books set in Appalachia, so I was excited when I saw that fellow Baker Publishing Group author Ann Gabhart was writing a book about the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky in the 1940s. These were women who went into remote hills and hollers as nurse-midwives. Ultimately, These Healing HillsContinue reading “Book Review – These Healing Hills”

Four Authors, One Luckenbooth Brooch

Even as I’m gearing up for the release of The Sound of Rain in November, I’m also writing next year’s story. It’s a novella that will be part of a collection along with some of my favorite authors and it’s scheduled to come out in September 2018. At a writer’s conference in 2016 I sawContinue reading “Four Authors, One Luckenbooth Brooch”

An Anniversary Outhouse Memory

Today is our 21st wedding anniversary and I’ve decided to re-run a version of last year’s anniversary post. Our wedding was uniquely Appalachian for several reasons, not the least of which was that the only “facility” at our wedding was . . . an outhouse. We got married at Laurel Fork United Methodist Church inContinue reading “An Anniversary Outhouse Memory”

Love Like a Casserole

It’s day 19 of this ridiculous cold that has apparently morphed into something else. The paperwork from the urgent care clinic says, “Acute upper respiratory infection, unspecified.” I have antibiotics. I think the doctor may have given them to me to appease me, but I don’t care. I’ll take lamp oil in sugar at thisContinue reading “Love Like a Casserole”