Start the week with words of love

Twice yesterday I heard someone talk about the importance of sharing words of love or affirmation. That old saying about how sticks and stones can break bones but words can never hurt is nonsense. Words can be excruciating. Conversely, they can be precious, healing, inspiring, blessed gifts when shared in the right way. So, IContinue reading “Start the week with words of love”

Laying Up Treasure

This past weekend a good friend and her family hosted a yard sale to empty out her grandparents’ house. Health issues and advancing years have forced the couple into a facility and it’s time to think about selling the little house they’ve lived in for so long. Thistle and I stopped by for moral supportContinue reading “Laying Up Treasure”

Royal Weddings and Real Life

When I called my dad on Sunday I jokingly asked him if he’d watched the royal wedding. He scoffed and asked why everyone seems to care about it so much. Indeed. Why DO we care about it so much? I think as pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps Americans the notion of being born into royalty is wildly exotic. OhContinue reading “Royal Weddings and Real Life”

A Man Called Ove–a Book I Hated Then Loved

I’ve had a copy of A Man Called Ove in my to-be-read pile for quite a while. Finally, I got an audio copy and began listening to it on a long drive. I could NOT stand Ove. There were one or two flickers of seeing something worthwhile in him, but overall, I simply found himContinue reading “A Man Called Ove–a Book I Hated Then Loved”

Dreaming Big – Once Upon a Prince

When Rachel Hauck released Once Upon a Prince, I hesitated to read the story. I was afraid it was going to be just another reinterpretation of Cinderella. And while I LOVE Cinderella, did we really need another, modern version? Boy, was I wrong! Oh, there are echoes of Cinderella, but somehow Rachel has managed toContinue reading “Dreaming Big – Once Upon a Prince”

Holy Week–The best story EVER

Just picture it. Jesus comes riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. People act like he’s a rock star–waving palm branches, throwing their cloaks down in the street. The king is here. But wait. This isn’t the king they expected. He doesn’t overthrow Roman rule. He doesn’t claim a throne, wear a crown, or live inContinue reading “Holy Week–The best story EVER”

Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness

That’s what our pastor talked about yesterday. I always thought it meant something like kindness–a sort of being careful with whatever is fragile in life. But here’s a definition from a Bible dictionary: “Sensitivity of disposition and kindness of behavior, founded on strength and prompted by love.” Which makes gentleness a whole lot more complicatedContinue reading “Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness”

Appalachian Thursday – The Heirloom

On October 2 of this year, my latest work will release–as part of a collection titled The Christmas Heirloom (available for pre-order). As a follow-up to The Sound of Rain, I’ve written Hank’s story. You remember Hank–he was George Heyward’s right-hand man until Judd came along. And now he’s wondering where his future lies. EarlierContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – The Heirloom”

Social Media and REAL Community

I am generally on the side of believing that social media is NOT conducive to developing REAL relationships. What we see of our “friends” on-line tends to be superficial and sometimes even downright misleading. However. Every once in a while it turns into something compelling and wonderful Saturday evening I checked Facebook and stumbled acrossContinue reading “Social Media and REAL Community”