My husband loves my new book. He might have even cried a little at the end. Which is pretty much all the praise I need for this story!

And yet . . . I’m deeply grateful to everyone who’s taken the time to read early copies. And more than a little proud of the lovely things other authors have had to say! So, today, I’m sharing those kind comments. Here’s hoping YOU read the book and like it, too!

“Sarah Loudin Thomas never disappoints! Drawn from a long-hidden true story and steeped in storytelling tradition of Appalachia, The Finder of Forgotten Things brings together a rich cast of characters, each at war with conflicting desires and ultimately destined to decide whether, even in the worst events, redemption waits to be discovered.” -Lisa Wingate, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Book of Lost Friends

“Sarah Loudin Thomas knows how to bring a mountain story to life, and she’s done itagain in The Finder of Forgotten Things. With endearing characters, compelling history and a beautiful setting, The Finder of Forgotten Things is a story readers will long remember.” -Ann H. Gabhart, bestselling author of These Healing Hills