Books! Chocolate! Authors!

No Appalachian Thursday today. I’m at the RT Book Lovers Convention in Atlanta, Ga., enjoying time with readers, authors, and chocolate. Good times! If you’re in the area, here’s one of my events: If you’re not in the area, heads up that my first novel, Miracle in a Dry Season, is FREE this week duringContinue reading “Books! Chocolate! Authors!”

Appalachian Thursday – Cover Reveal

While my fourth novel–The Sound of Rain–won’t officially release until early November, I can now share the cover with you. And I’m head over heels for it! The designers said they wanted to do something a little different this time and I offered lots of suggestions and samples of covers I thought conveyed the “feel”Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Cover Reveal”

Every Author Needs a Few Friends

Before I was published I might have daydreamed a little about the events I would do once I was . . . well, you know . . . famous. Signings, readings, interviews. Now, two years into this published author business, let’s just say the reality hasn’t quite lived up to the daydream. I’ve done signingsContinue reading “Every Author Needs a Few Friends”

Unrealistic Romance Novels

I’ve had cause to read some mainstream romances lately–a genre I haven’t dipped into for years. Back in high school and college I couldn’t get enough of them, but they just haven’t been in my reading pile for quite some time. I’d forgotten how unrealistic they are. And no, I’m NOT talking about the romance.Continue reading “Unrealistic Romance Novels”

Book Events–Hoping to See You Soon!

The only thing better than holding one of my very own books in my hands is meeting someone who actually took the time to READ one of those books. I mean, that’s kind of the whole reason I write them. So people can read them and hopefully be touched by my stories. I do runContinue reading “Book Events–Hoping to See You Soon!”

Author Advice from Nicholas Sparks

Okay, he didn’t actually sit down and give ME advice. Not intentionally, anyway. Sunday a week ago I volunteered at a book signing for Nicholas Sparks in Greenville, SC. Fiction Addiction is a fabulous, independent bookstore that has been gracious enough to host me for a signing. Let’s just say FEWER people came to myContinue reading “Author Advice from Nicholas Sparks”

Appalachian Thursday — Cover Reveal

My Mom was kind of sad when she found out she could only ready my novella, Appalachian Serenade, digitally. My mother-in-law has yet to read it since she wouldn’t know how to read something on a screen. But soon, the whole world will be able to hold Appalachian Serenade in their hands and turn theContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday — Cover Reveal”

True Love Stories and a Winner

Last week on SouthernBelleView I asked readers to share true love stories in order to be entered to win a copy of Until the Harvest. Just let me say, after reading the comments I realized this was a brilliant idea (which means the credit for it lies elsewhere!). I promised to share some of myContinue reading “True Love Stories and a Winner”

Let God Write the Book

Saying that God wrote your book is something of a joke in Christian publishing. Because while really, hopefully, He did have an awful lot to do with it, you still want to walk that fine line between being inspired and sounding, um, nutty. While I certainly give God the credit for any success I’ve hadContinue reading “Let God Write the Book”

Appalachian Thursday–Adrian Elementary School

I recently joined a Facebook alumni group for my grade school back home in West Virginia. I’m not a very enthusiastic alumnus of any of the other schools I attended, but I was excited to see pictures and share memories of those early years. I LOVED elementary school. I went along the day Mom tookContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Adrian Elementary School”