Appalachian Thursday – Turkeys, a dog, and poetry month

April is National Poetry Month. You probably knew that 😉 I think MOST of my poems fall into the Appalachian category in some form or fashion. Here’s one inspired by a walk in the woods with a dog and some turkeys . . . Sure do miss my Sammy . . . HOLDING BACK He’s anContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Turkeys, a dog, and poetry month”

Finding Inspiration – Smith, Rash & Cash

The Appalachian Studies Association held their annual conference in Asheville this past weekend. Can you believe it? An entire association dedicated to the study of Appalachia. While I didn’t have a chance to go to the full conference, I was able to attend the keynote event. It featured Appalachian author Wiley Cash interviewing fellow authorsContinue reading “Finding Inspiration – Smith, Rash & Cash”

Appalachian Thursday – Onion Sets & Sweet Peas

It’s officially the time of year when seed catalogs become irresistible. I pore over gaudy pictures of corn with luxurious silks, scandalously red tomatoes, strawberries glinting like jewels, and squash that make me wonder why I don’t eat vegetables ALL the time. And I begin to dream of gardening. Of course, the dream is nothingContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Onion Sets & Sweet Peas”

Redeeming My Characters

Like children, I’m not supposed to have a favorite character. But Frank Post (along with the Talbot sisters) stole my heart. Frank is a blend of so many men I knew growing up. Men who were tough, flawed, opinionated, and most of all tender-hearted beneath those gruff exteriors. There were a few times I evenContinue reading “Redeeming My Characters”

Appalachian Thursday – Pocketknives

I had no idea something as common and everyday as a pocketknife could stir such passion. Last week I posted a link to an essay in Appalachian Magazine titled “The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives.” Man–the clicks that link got! Since I don’t see men whipping out their knives so much these days, IContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Pocketknives”

Appalachian Thursday – Character Names

Yes, I know it’s Friday. At least now I do. I’ll blame it on the holidays throwing me off. All day yesterday I thought it was still Wednesday and so I neglected to get this post ready and up. But here it is, a day late and hopefully NOT a dollar short. Readers have commentedContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Character Names”

Christmas in Appalachia

While I suppose we were relatively modern when it came to my childhood Christmases, the old-timey traditions are still hanging on in the mountains. And there are some I very much think we should revive for broader use. Here are a few of my favorite Appalachian Christmas traditions: VISITING – My 85-year-old cousin and IContinue reading “Christmas in Appalachia”

Appalachian Thursday – Christmas Countdown

Guess what? It’s 12 days ’til Christmas! Yup, Christmas is less than two weeks away. Are you ready? Are you counting down with joy and anticipation? Or is there a little how-will-I-get-everything-done dread mixed in there? When I was little, we had a count-down to Christmas wall hanging my mom made. It was in the shapeContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Christmas Countdown”

Appalachian Thursday – Thanksgiving Hog Killing

I was talking to Dad about Thanksgiving when he was a child and learned that it was often hog killing day in Appalachia. Everyone was off work and gathering together anyway, so it was a good day for many hands to make light work. While I’m glad NOT to be spending today scraping a hogContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Thanksgiving Hog Killing”