It’s been more than two years now and I still have moments when I reach for the phone thinking, I need to call Dad. 

I know he’s not missing me. He’s not waiting for me. But when we see each other again . . . well. It’s going to be GOOD. Until then, I’ll hold onto the sweet memories, the good times, and the Daddy who was my first love.

Dad finding my first novel on the shelf at the Upshur County Public Library.

My last photo with my father. My niece had just gotten her first library card in the library Dad helped build while he was a county commissioner.

Dad sharing a photo of French Creek from the early 1900s at a meeting of the French Creek Pioneers.

wedding day

Our wedding day. Dad was happy because I was!

Me, Dad and my then 96-year-old grandmother.

Going Hunting

My father and brother heading out for some hunting on the farm.

Cheeseburgers at a juke joint in the wilds of WV.

Christmas 1974

My older brother and I watching Dad put out the fire so Santa Claus could come. I was more than a little worried.