Appalachian Thursday – An Empty Larder

It’s January. In case you hadn’t realized. At the grocery store these days, I can buy strawberries and asparagus. This (along with an occasional warmish day) adds to my delusion that spring is just around the corner. The sun stays up just a little longer, rises just a little earlier. And yet . . .Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – An Empty Larder”

Car Commercials and Birthdays

It’s that time of year. The time when car commercials begin subtly hinting that this year a Jaguar or new SUV would be the perfect gift. And while I wouldn’t say no to a Jaguar (even if it DID have 981 miles on it), that really isn’t my idea of a good gift. Rather, thisContinue reading “Car Commercials and Birthdays”

Appalachian Thursday – Thanksgiving Hog Killing

I was talking to Dad about Thanksgiving when he was a child and learned that it was often hog killing day in Appalachia. Everyone was off work and gathering together anyway, so it was a good day for many hands to make light work. While I’m glad NOT to be spending today scraping a hogContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Thanksgiving Hog Killing”

The Church in the World

This year, our church opted to do something a bit different in place of our usual homecoming. We hosted a party for the community. Instead of focusing on our history, reminiscing, and then feasting in the fellowship hall, we invited the neighborhood to come out for free BBQ. And it was great! This wasn’t aboutContinue reading “The Church in the World”

Appalachian Thursday – A Poor Harvest

I’ve mostly given up trying to grow our food. I keep a pot of herbs and this year I grew a cherry tomato in a pot near the front porch. Based on what I paid for the plant and the number of tomatoes I picked, I’d say I broke even on that one. But, likeContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – A Poor Harvest”

Appalachian Thursday – Old Timey Recipes

My friend Valerie recently gave me a treasure. It’s a copy of the 8th edition of Old Timey Recipes from 1975 as collected by Phyllis Connor. Inside the front cover someone wrote, “West Virginia, August 1976.” Since I would have been five years old then, I think I can safely say this is the foodContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Old Timey Recipes”

Appalachian Thursday – Pawpaw Season

No, it’s not a pet name for your grandfather. September is when pawpaws–also known as Appalachian bananas–are getting ripe. A pawpaw is a large, greenish oval that’s the largest, edible native fruit in the U.S. Folks say it tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana with a pudding-like texture. I’ll confess I’veContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Pawpaw Season”

Summertime Supper (+a recipe)

Summers when I was a kid meant supper from the garden. These days it would be a stretch to say I’m doing much vegetable gardening. There’s a pot of herbs on the porch, potatoes growing in the front yard, and a cherry tomato plant that’s almost produced enough fruit to cover it’s expense. In short,Continue reading “Summertime Supper (+a recipe)”