bobcatLast week I was sitting at the dining room table typing away on my laptop when I glanced out the French doors to my right. (Those doors and the view of the creek outside are one of the reasons I love this writing spot.) And there was a cat sitting there.
But not just a cat. It was a bobcat sitting, legs tucked underneath, right there, just off the back deck. At first I thought I must be mistaken. It was probably just a big house cat. But she stayed around for more than 30 minutes, which was ample time to determine that she was, indeed, a bobcat.
Bobcats are super shy so this was an unbelievable treat. And for half an hour my husband and I stayed glued to the window, binoculars in hand, marveling at God’s creation. And for 30 minutes I didn’t think about what would happen next in the book I’m writing, what novel is next on my to-read list, what I would make for supper or what I needed to do at work. I just soaked it in.
Because sometimes you have to stop and marvel.
Q4U- What’s stopped you in your tracks lately?