Sometimes I look at the list of locations for the American Christian Fiction Writer’s conferences and sigh deeply. St. Louis, Dallas, Indianapolis–all so far away. In 2016 the conference will be in Nashville–not exactly next door, but not TOO far, either. I mean, ACFW is THE conference for writer’s like me. But driving that far is a challenge and flying is expensive, a hassle and (most importantly) done in an airplane that leaves terra firma. Sigh.
But wait. Turns out I live in an area (Western North Carolina) rife with writer’s conferences. There’s the awesome Proverbs 31 conference near Charlotte each July. There’s the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference just up the road in Ridgecrest. Not to mention the fall retreat at Ridgecrest I mentioned here. There are single day workshops and secular events like the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival, which is largely free. What am I complaining about?!?
This coming February, there’s an awesome mini-conference that’s a great way for new writers to dip a toe in the conference pool. The Writer’s Advance Boot Camp is held February 1-3 at Billy Graham’s Cove near Asheville. It’s a gorgeous facility and the event is staffed by authors (including one who just earned a Christy Award), speakers and at least one bona fide agent.
Time to stop whining about ACFW being so far away. Time to count my blessings and appreciate the amazing opportunities all around me!