A new study links excessive sitting with premature death. Yikes. Let’s see. I mostly sit at a computer at work. I come home and sit to write. I sometimes sit and watch TV with my husband. I sit and read when I have free time. I even sit in church!
Oh sure, I walk the dog. Walk to do my grocery shopping. Walk to the mailroom and the bathroom. I even break into a jog on occasion (you really can wait too long to pee). It’s not like I sit ALL the time. But the study says anything over six hours a day increases your risk of premature death by 37%.
So okay. I’m probably not going to spend more than $4,000 on a treadmill desk and I can’t quite bring myself to sit on one of those ball things. But I can get up and go to the mailroom more often. Or walk around campus at lunchtime. Or head out in the afternoon when our youth get home from school just to say hello. And at home maybe I really will start doing crunches while I watch TV. If you see me marching in place with an open book in my hand, you’ll know what I’m up to.
Q4U- How do you keep moving throughout the day?