CoverLast week my mom asked me if I actually read all those books I download for free on Kindle. Well, I try to. And I just finished one and it was fabulous.
Bonnie Grove’s Talking to the Dead is about a young woman who is suddenly widowed. She’s slammed by grief, not really coping and then . . . her dead husband starts talking to her.
After a chapter or two I hesitated to finish this novel–it seemed a tad dark–but I’m SO glad I kept going. Bonnie Grove, with her background in psychology, does a fantastic job of characterizing a newly widowed young woman with a tenuous grip on reality. She pulls the reader into Kate’s troubling world so that even when the character acts irrationally, the reader understands where she’s coming from.
PLUS, this book has a wonderful Christian message. The story is definitely a page-turner with an absolutely perfect ending. Seems like everyone I know who’s read it stayed up late because they couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend it!