midnightI don’t do New Year’s resolutions. The idea of waiting until January 1 to start doing something I ought to be doing anyway just bugs me. If I need to start a new habit–what’s wrong with now? That’s what I said two weeks ago when the small voice that had been encouraging me to deepen and strengthen my time with God kept nagging.
So I began getting up a few minutes earlier to read a chapter of the Bible and pray. It’s not a resolution, it’s just something I ought to do. And around day three, God took His opportunity to remind me that it’s something I should have been doing for a long time.
I was ensconced in my chair, Bible and journal open in my lap, lamp shining down on the Word. My husband walked by and stuck his head in the door.
“Are you okay?”
What a funny question. Yes, I assured him, I was fine.
“Are you sure? It’s just this is the sort of thing you do when something’s bothering you,” he said.
Ouch. My husband had seen me spend time with God before. When I was in crisis. His natural conclusion when he saw me delving into the word and praying was that I was struggling in some way. Did I say, ouch?
My challenge to you TODAY–whether it’s December 31 or June 18–is to take stock of your world. Too much hurry? Not enough peace? Bulging bags of pride, but rusty cans of humility? A habit that’s dragging you down? Whatever it is that needs changing, start today. Don’t wait for another year to dawn. God isn’t the only one watching.