off the hookI try not to have too many pet peeves, but lately I’ve developed one that’s just wearing me out. I work for a ministry with 30 employees and 40 or so children in residence. With disturbing frequency, I’ll answer the phone and get this:
“Someone just called me from this number.”
Okay. Fine. Now what? The callers never seem to have any notion who might have called. But they clearly think I should be able to tell them who it was. Seriously??
If it was important, whoever called probably would have left a message. Maybe they’ll even call again later. If I call someone and hang up without leaving a message it’s typically because I didn’t have anything to say. Oh, for the days before caller ID.
My husband and I don’t answer the phone during meals. We don’t answer the phone if we’re in the middle of a riveting movie. We don’t answer the phone if we’re, um, indisposed.
Dad was once at a friend’s house. They were sitting on the porch talking when the phone rang. Dad finally said, “Your phone’s ringing.” His friend said, “It’ll stop. Always does.”
I don’t like to be told what to do by a bit of electronics with no soul. If you want me to call you back, please leave a message. And if you don’t, I promise not to randomly call the last number to call me.