diaper motorcycleI’m not really what you’d call crafty. I see all those Pinterest posts and think, I could do that. But even if I could, I generally don’t. Oh, I cut some flowers and “arrange” them in a vase now and again. I get a little artsy with food presentation once in a while (I can cook). And I think I do okay when it comes to arranging the stuff in my house to good effect.
But when it comes to making jewelry out of old silverware or a corner cupboard from a repurposed door or a child’s dress from a pillowcase–well, I’m just not the one jumping for my hammer, scissors, or welding torch. I’m the one, saying, Wow, that’s cute. Now let’s shift back into my comfort zone and find that recipe for peanut butter truffle brownies.
Then I opened my big mouth. We were planning a co-workers baby shower and I’d seen a photo (on Pinterest, where else?) of a diaper tractor. I mentioned how cute that would be. One of the girls said I could probably find directions for a diaper motorcycle, which would be even more perfect for the dad in question. Yes, I agreed with enthusiasm. And there I was, volunteered to make a diaper motorcycle.
So I did. And I have to say that while I’m sure there are superior examples of miniature motorcycles with tires made from diapers, my rendition wasn’t half bad. Next thing you know I’ll be furnishing my house with wooden pallets and old shutters upcycled into–whatever they’re upcycling old shutters into these days. Just post it on Pinterest. I’ll find it.