library-11-19-e1574643452290.jpgLast week I had the chance to do a reading and book signing at my hometown library in Buckhannon, WV. It was wonderful, but it was SO much more than a book event. So today I thought I’d share some of the REAL highlights from the day.

My almost nine-year-old niece got her first library card! Seeing a child thrilled by the realization that she can go to a building full of books and choose some to take home for a while does a writer’s heart good.Dad & Olivia 11-19

My parents were able to attend (as well as my brother). Mom and Dad both have health issues and can’t travel far for my book events. Having one close enough for them both to come to was a special treat.

Some of my friends/fans were able to attend. A member of my launch team who lives in WV stopped by (hey, Kristi!), Teresa and Katrina (who dotes on my dad) came, and cousins from Dad’s side of the family attended. Talk about making me feel special!

I noticed a bearded gentleman in the back row and thought it was neat that he was joining my typically female audience. Turns out he’d read about me in the library newsletter and came to get all five of my full-length novels for his wife for Christmas. I like to think that makes for a merry Christmas for her as well as me!

Candy 11-19A friend from high school (who is also on my launch team–hey, Candy!) not only came to the event, but brought her copies of ALL of my books. And I do mean ALL. She even had a book of essays I contributed to. I signed each and every one!

Best of all, I read from and signed copies of books I’ve written in the place that nurtured my love of books for most of my growing up years. I’m still trying to decide what it means to be a successful author–but whatever it means, last Thursday evening was a big part of it.