Appalachian Thursday – Light for the Darkest Day

It’s the first day of winter. The darkest day of the year. Which, of course, has me thinking about LIGHT and all it’s sources. Even on dark days, there was lots of light on the family farm come December and not always electric. CANDLE LIGHT – We didn’t have all those fancy, scented candles, butContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Light for the Darkest Day”

Appalachian Thursday – A Homemade Christmas

Once upon a time Christmas was simpler. Preparations didn’t start before Halloween, presents were homemade, food was based on what was in season, and decorations came from nature. Or so I hear. All of that could be me romanticizing a simpler, POORER time in the mountains of Appalachia, but hey, it’s nice to think aboutContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – A Homemade Christmas”

Ten Decorating Ideas for Christmas

I know lots of folks who jump on their Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving (or sooner!), but I always wait until December 1. Maybe because it’s my birthday. And even then, I start slow, with a few outside decorations, maybe the nativity. I gradually add decor around the house and finally get the treeContinue reading “Ten Decorating Ideas for Christmas”

Appalachian Thursday – Deer Season

It’s almost holiday time in West Virginia. Oh, sure, there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the REAL festivities begin on Monday. The first day of deer season. Many schools are out all week because, well, no one would come if they were open. Teachers, students, staff–they’re all out “celebrating” deer season. So how does one celebrate?Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Deer Season”

Four Authors, One Luckenbooth Brooch

Even as I’m gearing up for the release of The Sound of Rain in November, I’m also writing next year’s story. It’s a novella that will be part of a collection along with some of my favorite authors and it’s scheduled to come out in September 2018. At a writer’s conference in 2016 I sawContinue reading “Four Authors, One Luckenbooth Brooch”

Memorial Day–It’s Not Just Hot Dogs

Memorial Day is set aside for remembering those who have died in the service of our nation. Originally, it was proclaimed in honor of the Civil War dead by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. The order became official on May 5, 1868, and was first observed on MayContinue reading “Memorial Day–It’s Not Just Hot Dogs”

A May Day Posey for Your Virtual Doorknob

There’s an old-time tradition of hanging May baskets on people’s doors on the first day of May (May Day). Small paper cones or other containers would be filled with candy, small gifts, or flowers, then hung–anonymously–on someone’s door. Of course, hanging a May basket on the door of someone you admired romantically was a commonContinue reading “A May Day Posey for Your Virtual Doorknob”

Appalachian Thursday – Old Christmas

As the year draws to a close, I thought I’d ease through this in-between the holidays time by revisiting a previous post about Old Christmas. I mention the holiday in my upcoming novel, The Sound of Rain. It’s a sort of contrarian celebration of Christmas Day that’s fast fading away. Here’s hoping we can keepContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Old Christmas”

Eight ways to battle the post-holiday blues

I have a day-after-Christmas tradition to fight those post-holiday blues. Good King Wenceslas. Wenceslas was the king of Bohemia during the 10th century. You’ve probably heard his song–a Christmas carol. Except there’s no mention of Christ and the song is about the day after Christmas, also know as the Feast of St. Stephen. It’s about aContinue reading “Eight ways to battle the post-holiday blues”