I’ve written in previous posts about new year’s traditions like first-footing and eating lucky foods. And last year I wrote about the old-time tradition of “blowing out” the old year. But, considering how 2020 has gone, I think it bears repeating!

The idea is to throw open all the doors and windows in the house just before midnight so that the old year can blow out and the new year can enter unimpeded. Some folks limit this to just opening the back door for the old year to make its exit. (I don’t know about where you are, but it’s typically cold here!) I like the whole house method, though. Seems like you’d get an actual breeze that way and I want to make sure 2020 is GONE.

I appreciate this image of sending the past merrily on its way. I sometimes have a tendency to hang onto the past–to dwell on things I can’t change. Words I shouldn’t have spoken. Kindnesses I’ve neglected. Opportunities I let pass me by. (Or the ones I didn’t and should have!) There’s something about the changing of the year that makes us want to hit the reset button and do better this time around.

Releasing the old junk seems like a good first step. And man, there’s been some serious JUNK this year. I have no illusions about waking up to a new world tomorrow. Politics will still be contentious. The pandemic won’t suddenly disappear. And people are likely going to be cranky for a while yet.

In some ways, it’ll just be another Friday. And yet . . . there’s something about writing 1/1/21 that’s liberating. An opportunity to try, try again.

How about you–what would you like to try to do better in 2021?