Full CalenderWe’ve been doing a study by Chip Ingram in our Sunday School class and a recent point has really stuck with me. He talked about how churches shouldn’t start new ministries unless they have a passionate leader with a team that’s committed to seeing it to fruition.
Which got me to thinking about my church involvement and how much of it is because I have a passion and some of it is because I, well, feel guilty.
I LOVE sparking conversation in my adult Sunday School class. I get excited when the topic is polarizing. I get excited when the conversation gets interesting. And I feel the same way about Ladies Bible Study. Those are two ministries I really am passionate about. I also enjoy our Women of the Church group. It’s possible some of my passion is related to the amazing food we have at those meetings, but still–I really care.
Then there’s children’s church. This is my every other month or so duty. And it, well, feels like a duty. Don’t get me wrong, I love those kids. But somehow I’m not passionate about leading them in a mini-me version of church. Maybe it’s because when I was a kid I was expected to sit through grown-up church.
But I take the materials and I throw something together and hope it has an impact. Now, who am I serving when I do that? If it’s the kids, it’s only by God’s grace. Still, I think, I need to do it.
But try this on for size. What if I quit leading children’s church and put that time and energy into Sunday School or Bible study or Women of the Church. What if I trimmed away the fat and injected some more flavor into the things I get excited about. Now who am I serving?
Hmmm. How many of us are over-scheduled? Stretched too far? Making do with “good enough?” I’m thinking it’s time to rethink this ministry business. Where am I most effective? Where are you? Maybe that’s were God intends to use us. Maybe that’s where we should be.