Dad at library

Dad finding my first novel on the shelf at the Upshur County Public Library. Yay!

I’m always delighted when I’m asked to do a book event. But it doesn’t get much better than being contacted by the library I loved as a kid to come speak. Which is what happened to me this past week!

The Upshur County Public Library contacted me to say they’re focusing on hosting more WV authors and would I be interested in coming? Would I!?!

Yes, yes, yes!

So, on Thursday, November 21, from 5:30-7 p.m. I’ll be at the library with refreshments, a talk about my latest novel, and books for sale and signing.

Here’s the thing. I’ve spent literally HOURS in this library. I started checking books out pretty much as soon as I could read. I controlled myself when coming down the ramp from the second floor restrooms (oh, it BEGGED to be run down!). I researched school papers. I used the card catalog when that was still a thing. I browsed shelves and discovered new favorites. I used computers when they were cutting edge. Even now the library is a favorite spot for accessing fee wi-fi when I’m in town.

I LOVE this library. And that is NOT too strong a word. Dad was serving on County Commission when it was built and his name is on the plaque in the entry. Plus my books are on the shelves! And now I get to appear there as an author.

This, my friends, is a dream-come-true! If you’re in north central West Virginia the week before Thanksgiving, I’d sure love to see you on my HOME turf.

Upshur Co Library