Eva MarieToday I’m hoping you’ll join me over at SouthernBelleView where author Eva Marie Everson has been gracious enough to post an interview with me. She critiqued Miracle in a Dry Season at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference two and half years ago and was very helpful and encouraging.
Every time I attend a conference I learn something concrete. There’s plenty of big picture learning and networking, but then I find one or two nuggets that seem so simple, but have such an impact. Eva Marie taught me one of those in 2012. She asked me why I kept changing up my dialogue tags.
“Let’s get something to eat,” he said.
“Anything but fast food,” said she.
I proudly explained that I was making sure my tags were varied. Yeah. So. That would be a novice mistake. While I knew not to stray too far from the ubiquitous “said,” I didn’t know that the tag pretty much always comes last. Perla said. Casewell explained.
So thank you Eva Marie, for today’s post and for the excellent advice that kept me from looking too much like a newbie when I queried that book!