Shepherds AbidingChristmas stories are the best. Gift of the Magi, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The Littlest Angel, A Christmas Carol, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas–the list goes on and on. Oh sure, they tend to be a bit syrupy, but I’m all for happy endings, especially at Christmas.
I’ve gotten into the habit of rereading Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon each Christmas. It’s the story of Father Tim deciding to refurbish a time-worn nativity set for his artistic wife Cynthia. Of course, come Christmas morning it turns out Cynthia has a surprise gift of her own.
It’s a heartfelt, quick read that never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit and make me wish I were more creative when it comes to gift giving. Warm fuzzies, that’s what I’m aiming for when Christmas draws near.
So how about you? What do you read at Christmas? Any traditions you carry on year-to-year?